Coming to Christ

To truly appreciate and respond to the gospel call, one must come to understand that God’s power to save is in Jesus Christ alone. To recognize and acknowledge that fact allows one the right to become a child of God (John 1:12), but Jesus and the New Testament writers remind us that our journey to Christ does not stop there.

James explains that faith (inward confidence and trust) that is not put into action is “dead”. To bring it to life one must act on that faith. Paul shows us that salvation is granted only after that faith comes to life through obedience (Rom. 6:17-18).

When we truly believe we recognize the nature and effects of sin in our life and turn away from it. Having confidence in the person and power of Jesus, we confess that He is the Christ, the Son of God (Rom. 10:10). Acting on that commitment, we give ourselves to Him by joining Him in the likeness of His death, burial and resurrection; we are “baptized into Christ” (Rom. 6:3).

At that point we are give a whole new life in which we may walk according to the will of God (Rom. 6:4). We can rejoice in the freedom of redemption from our sins.

In-as-much as many have tried to pioneer their own way to Christ, Paul reminds us that there is only one way, for there is only one gospel (Gal. 1:8-11).

The question is, have you come to Christ according to His gospel?


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